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The word "fate" is commonly used to describe inevitable outcomes or events that are predetermined. However, there are several synonyms for fate that can be used to describe similar concepts. "Destiny" refers to a predetermined future that is often believed to be influenced by supernatural forces. "Karma" is another term that describes the concept of fate, particularly in Hindu and Buddhist theology, which is influenced by past actions and the law of cause and effect. Other synonyms include "fortune," "chance," "luck," and "predestination." All of these terms describe the idea that some events in life are beyond our control and are predetermined in some way.

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Fate, the concept that all events are determined by some higher power, has its own set of antonyms that can be used to describe opposite ideas. One antonym for fate is free will, which suggests that individuals possess agency and can make choices that shape their lives. Another antonym is randomness, which indicates that events occur without any discernible pattern or purpose. Additionally, chaos could also be considered an antonym as it implies a lack of order or predictability in life. Lastly, destiny is sometimes used as a synonym for fate, but it can also be seen as an antonym as it suggests that individuals have some control over the outcome of their lives.

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