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Proportion is a term used to denote a relationship between two or more entities in terms of size, quantity, or magnitude. Synonyms for proportion include ratio, percentage, relationship, correlation, scale, balance, and equivalence. The term ratio refers to the comparative magnitude of two entities, while percentage denotes a proportion out of 100. The term correlation is used to denote the interdependence or relationship between two variables. Scale denotes the proportional relationship between the original and the reproduced size of an object. Balance emphasizes the idea of a harmonious or equitable relationship between different entities, whereas equivalence refers to the same in terms of value or quantity.

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Proportion is a mathematical term that refers to the relationship between two quantities. In order to understand proportion, it is helpful to first understand the concept of division. Division is the process of reducing a number to its simplest form. The simplest form of a number is its numerator (the number that is being divided) and the simplest form of a fraction is the denominator (the number that is being divided by).

To divide two numbers, one must first figure out what the division symbol is. For example, 3 divided by 4 would be represented by the division sign, or 3 ÷ 4.

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