What is another word for pesthole?

Pronunciation: [pˈɛsthə͡ʊl] (IPA)

A pesthole is a place that is infested with various types of pests. Some synonyms for this term include vermin nest, infestation center, disease breeding ground, and insect haven. A vermin nest refers to a place where pests such as rats, mice, and insects gather and breed. An infestation center is a place where pests have established a colony and overrun the space. A disease breeding ground is a term commonly used for buildings that contain an excess of mold, bacteria, and pests and promote the spread of disease. Lastly, an insect haven is a place where a variety of insects are found, such as termites, ants, and cockroaches.

What are the hypernyms for Pesthole?

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What are the hyponyms for Pesthole?

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Usage examples for Pesthole

Three American doctors went down into that pesthole of a Cuban city to offer their lives for a theory.
"The Unspeakable Perk"
Samuel Hopkins Adams
O'Reilly knew that although Matanzas was a prison and a pesthole, a girl like Rosa would suffer therein perils infinitely worse than imprisonment or disease.
"Rainbow's End"
Rex Beach
It may come in handy when we are ready to clear out of this pesthole.
"Rainbow's End"
Rex Beach

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