What is another word for pestered?

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The term 'pestered' is commonly used to describe the action of annoying someone, especially by repeatedly asking or bothering them. Some of the synonyms for this word include harassed, bothered, irritated, vexed, hounded, badgered, and plagued. These language alternatives convey the same sense of being constantly bothered or irritated by someone or something. Synonyms such as nagged, hectored, and importuned suggest a more persistent and annoying behavior. Likewise, "tormented," "irked," and "hassled" convey a stronger negative emotion of being vexed or hassled continuously. These synonyms provide diverse options for communicating the idea of being pestered to readers or audiences.

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I have been pestered by pest controllers for years now and I have to say it's really getting on my nerves! I understand that people need to control pests, but it seems that these people are taking it a bit too far. I have had people follow me home and harass me when I'm out with my friends. It's just getting really ridiculous!

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