What is another word for tenement?

Pronunciation: [tˈɛnəmənt] (IPA)

Tenement is a term used to describe a type of multi-family housing that is typically characterized by small, cramped living spaces and minimal amenities. Synonyms for tenement include apartment, flat, rental unit, boarding house, lodging, accommodations, dwelling, and residence. Another term used to describe this type of housing is low-income housing, as it is often associated with impoverished and disadvantaged communities. The term tenement also has historical connotations, particularly in relation to the cramped and unsanitary living conditions of urban areas in the past. Despite efforts to improve living conditions, tenement-style housing remains a reality for many low-income families today.

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Usage examples for Tenement

You don't go around burning papers in a crowded Russian tenement unless you want the people in the next room to wonder what you're up to.
"The Foreign Hand Tie"
Gordon Randall Garrett
"Ay," said the old lady, "and it were good Mr. tenement were the rector in those days, I remember, and he gave us a roaring discourse many's the Sunday.
Hugh Walpole
There was an open way between a row of houses, a flagged space called Barker's Court; a deep strip of ground that had been a puzzle to its owner, until he hit upon a plan for his model tenement row.
"In Wild Rose Time"
Amanda M. Douglas

Famous quotes with Tenement

  • In the house in Beverly Hills where our four children grew up, living conditions were a few thousand times improved over the old tenement on New York's East 93rd Street we Marx Brothers called home.
    Harpo Marx
  • Upon the clothes behind the tenement, That hang like ghosts suspended from the lines, Linking each flat, but to each indifferent, Incongruous and strange the moonlight shines.
    Claude McKay
  • The notion that heresy is a crime of the soul, to be cured by the chastisement of the body, he pointed out in his amiable way, contained an essential error. For the soul has no real connection to the body, merely residing therein for the while. To punish the body for the sins of the soul was, therefore, about as irrational as to burn down a tenement building because it had temporarily housed a criminal.
    Lin Carter
  • Of these the false Achitophel was first, A name to all succeeding ages cursed. For close designs and crooked counsels fit, Sagacious, bold, and turbulent of wit, Restless, unfixed in principles and place, In power unpleased, impatient of disgrace; A fiery soul, which working out its way, Fretted the pygmy-body to decay: And o'er-informed the tenement of clay. A daring pilot in extremity; Pleased with the danger, when the waves went high He sought the storms; but for a calm unfit, Would steer too nigh the sands to boast his wit. Great wits are sure to madness near allied, And thin partitions do their bounds divide.
    John Dryden
  • The relation between physical sanitary laws and the national welfare is now hardly disputed. At this moment the cholera is stealthily feeling its terrible way along the edges of Europe to this country, and there is not an intelligent man who does not know that it is a divine vengeance upon uncleanliness. Let it seize the unclean city of New York, and it will riot in horror and devastation. Panic will empty the palaces, trade will stop in the warehouses. Those who can will flee, while the poor and wretched, poisoned in tenement-houses, will be huddled in heaps of agony and death. Does any man say that cholera is God's remedy for overpopulation? On the contrary, it is only the ghastly proof that God's laws of human health are disregarded. It is not a proclamation that the world is over-peopled; it is merely a warning for the world to provide decently for its population. God does not create men in his image to rot in tenement-houses, and he will make squalor and filth and misery plague-spots threatening the fairest prosperity, until that prosperity acknowledges in vast sanitary reforms that cleanliness is next to godliness. And if the dread pestilence now approaching our shores would frighten us into universal purgation of our foul cities, it would be seen at this moment hovering in the wintry air, not an angry demon, but a stem angel with a sword of fire to open the path of knowledge and humanity and civilization.
    George William Curtis

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