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The word "appointee" refers to a person who has been chosen or designated to hold a certain position, generally by someone in authority. Some synonyms for "appointee" include nominee, designate, delegate, representative, or agent. These terms all suggest that someone has been selected to carry out a particular role on behalf of another person or organization. Other synonyms for "appointee" might include "appointments," "selections," or "designations," which could refer to the process by which someone is chosen for a specific position or job. Regardless of the specific word used, all of these terms imply a sense of responsibility and obligation on the part of the person designated for the role.

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How to use "Appointee" in context?

An "appointee" is someone who is appointed to a position, such as a delegate to a meeting, board member, or committee. The appointment is typically made by someone with authority over the appointee, such as a president, CEO, or manager.

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