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The word "agent" can be substituted with various synonyms that capture the essence of its meaning. These include representative, intermediary, broker, envoy, facilitator, go-between, and middleman. A representative is someone who acts on behalf of another in a professional capacity. An intermediary is a person who intervenes between two parties to facilitate communication or negotiations. A broker is an agent who arranges transactions between buyers and sellers. An envoy is a diplomatic representative sent on a mission. A facilitator assists in making a process or transaction easier. A go-between is someone who acts as a mediator or intermediary. A middleman is a person who connects buyers and sellers and takes a commission for the transaction.

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How to use "Agent" in context?

An agent is someone who represents someone or something. They are sometimes called agents, middlemen, or spokesmen. They can work for a company, an individual, or a group.

An agent can help someone find a job, negotiate a contract, or manage a business. They can also help people find a home, buy a car, or invest in a project.

Some agents work on their own, while others work for a company. An agent can work for a company that specializes in finding jobs for people or helping people buy or sell property.

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