What is another word for officeholder?

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[ ˈɒfɪshˌə͡ʊldə], [ ˈɒfɪshˌə‍ʊldə], [ ˈɒ_f_ɪ_s_h_ˌəʊ_l_d_ə]

Synonyms for Officeholder:

How to use "Officeholder" in context?

Being an elected official means managing a team and meeting constituents' needs. It's a demanding job that requires quick thinking and complex problem solving.

In order to be an effective officeholder, you need to have strong communication and leadership skills. You must be able to work with both individuals and groups, and you need to be able to maintain a positive attitude even when faced with difficult situations.

In order to maintain an effective relationship with your constituents, it's important to be accessible. You should be willing to meet with them at any time, and you should be relaxed and approachable.

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