What is another word for pudendum?

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[ pjˈuːdəndəm], [ pjˈuːdəndəm], [ p_j_ˈuː_d_ə_n_d_ə_m]

Pudendum is a Latin term used to refer to the external genital organs of a female. While discussing the topic, one may feel uncomfortable using a blunt term like "pudendum" and may search for alternative synonyms. There are many acceptable terms that can replace the word, including vulva, labia, clitoris, vagina, and others. Each of these alternatives has a slightly different meaning and context in which they should be used. For instance, the term "vagina" refers to the internal reproductive organ where women's period and childbirth take place while "labia" refer to the folds of skin surrounding the vagina. Therefore, it is essential for writers or speakers to choose the correct synonym that best suits the intended context.

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Usage examples for Pudendum

The same double entendre is implied in the use of the Greek word for "pig" and "cowry," these two surrogates of the Great Mother, each of which can be taken to mean the "giver of life" or the "pudendum muliebre".
"The Evolution of the Dragon"
G. Elliot Smith

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