What is another word for ramification?

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Ramification refers to the consequence or the result of an action or a decision. However, there are various synonyms available for the word ramification, such as implications, consequences, outcomes, fallout, aftermath, and repercussions. These words signify the results or effects cautioning a cause-and-effect relationship. In the context of business, it refers to the possible effects on a company, its subsidiaries, suppliers, customers, and stakeholder. On the other hand, in scientific and technical language, ramification refers to the network of branches that develop from a central structure. In general terms, it is a word that signifies the results of any action, decision, or event, making it a versatile and widely used term.

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How to use "Ramification" in context?

Ramification is the result of an original action or omission having other subsequent consequences. The term is often used in law and in business, to describe the various effects of an event or series of events.

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