What is another word for fork?

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Fork is a common kitchen utensil with two or more prongs that is used for serving or eating food. Synonyms for the word fork include pitchfork, trident, spork, chopstick, skewer, and tine. A pitchfork typically has three or four prongs used for lifting hay or straw, whereas a trident is a three-pronged spear used for fishing or as a weapon. A spork is a hybrid between a spoon and a fork, while chopsticks are thin, tapered sticks used in Asian cuisine for eating food. Skewers are thin metal or wooden sticks used for grilling or roasting meat, while tines refer to the individual prongs on a fork.

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    A fork is a basic tool for processing digital information. Historically, forks were used to divide a single document into multiple parts so that each part could be processed separately. The process of forks is now used in many different ways, including for the creation of software and for the amplification and distribution of information. Forks can be used for a number of different purposes, including software development, information retrieval, and scientific research.

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