What is another word for Ragging?

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The term "ragging" refers to a form of bullying that is prevalent in educational institutions where the seniors participate in humiliating and harassing juniors. Though ragging is banned, it still continues to occur in several colleges and universities. It's important to educate people about the various synonymous terms that describe ragging and encourage the creation of a safe learning environment. Some of the synonyms for ragging include hazing, bullying, abusing, tormenting, and harassing. Students should be aware of these synonyms and understand the negative impact of such behavior on an individual's mental and emotional well-being. Creating awareness about ragging and its synonyms can lead to a more positive and inclusive campus culture.

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How to use "Ragging" in context?

Ragging is a term used for when a person pokes, teases, or otherwise harasses another with cruel and vulgar behavior. It is considered a form of bullying, and can be a incredibly damaging experience for the victim. Ragging can take many different forms, but all of its manifestations are designed to humiliate and demean the victim. It is often a way for the ragger to get a sense of power over the victim, and it can be a deadly tool for social hierarchy.

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