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Reformism, which refers to the belief in social or political reform rather than revolutionary change, has various synonyms that can be used interchangeably. Some of the synonyms for reformism include incrementalism, moderatism, progressivism, improvement, and renovation. Incrementalism emphasizes small and gradual changes over radical reforms, while moderatism advocates for a moderate or middle-ground approach. Progressivism stresses the importance of progress and advancement, while improvement and renovation focus on the idea of improving existing systems or structures. These synonyms can help add variety to written or verbal communication and provide a deeper understanding of the nuances of reformist ideology.

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Usage examples for Reformism

"The 'Moderates' emphasized petty-bourgeois reformism in order to attract tradesmen, shop-keepers and members of the professions, and, of course, the latter flocked to the Socialist movement in great numbers, seeking relief from the constant grinding between corporate capital and awakening labor....
"The Red Conspiracy"
Joseph J. Mereto
And finally, in the third place, even if reform be the sole object in view, reformism is the poorest policy to follow to get it.
"The Red Conspiracy"
Joseph J. Mereto

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