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Reformation is a term closely associated with the religious history of Europe, particularly the 16th-century modification and reforms within the Catholic Church. However, the word can also refer to any process of change or alteration in a particular system, structure, or organization. Synonyms of reformation include amendment, renovation, transformation, innovation, revolution, modification, and improvement. These alternatives capture the positive changes that a process of reformation brings, as well as highlight the scope and diversity of reformation processes in various fields from public sector reforms to manufacturing and production process modernization. Whatever the context, the term reformation suggests a movement towards progress and improvement rather than stagnancy and unchanging traditions.

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The reformation was a time of great reform in the Anglican Church. It was a time of great change where the Church decided to return to the teachings of the historic early Christian Church. The reformers believed that the Church had become too big and too worldly, and that it needed to return to its original roots in order to be more relevant to the people of today. The reformers wanted to clean up the Church and make it more accountable to the people it was supposed to serve. They believed that the Church needed to return to its original doctrine of salvation by grace through faith in order to be relevant to people today.

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