What is another word for sawtooth?

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[ sˈɔːtuːθ], [ sˈɔːtuːθ], [ s_ˈɔː_t_uː_θ]

The term "sawtooth" refers to a jagged, serrated edge that looks like the teeth on a saw blade. Synonyms for sawtooth include zigzag, serrated, jagged, toothed, notched, and crenellated. Each of these words suggests a similar sharpness and unevenness, but they can also have slightly different connotations depending on context. "Zigzag," for instance, implies a back-and-forth pattern, while "crenellated" suggests a series of regularly spaced indentations or notches. Regardless of which word you choose to describe a sawtooth edge, the key is to capture its sharp and uneven nature.

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The sawtooth, a parasitic wasp, is potentially the most destructive creature in North America. This invasive species was brought in from Asia on imported plants, and has now established a foothold in some of the continent's most populous regions. A. sawtoothedae is classified as a pest because of the havoc it wreaks on crops and trees, but it also has a negative impact on wild populations of insects, small mammals and other creatures.

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    • artifact

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