What is another word for craggy?

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Craggy defines a landscape or a surface having a rough, irregular, and uneven texture. Some synonymous words describing it include jagged, rocky, rugged, uneven, rough, and bumpy. Each term conveys the surface's textured and rough nature, with little to no smoothness, or flatness. Additionally, other descriptive phrases can be used for a craggy surface, such as coarse and grainy. This terminology can be employed to describe physical terrain and often utilized in conveying descriptions of mountainous land, rocky coastlines, and textured cliffs. Ultimately, these synonyms provide a vivid adjective to define the roughness of a surface and the texture of a landscape.

Synonyms for Craggy:

How to use "Craggy" in context?

The adjective "craggy" is defined as being characterized by steep and rocky surfaces. This adjective can be used to describe anything from a cliff to a mountainside. The adjective is derived from the Old Norse word "kragg" which means a shield. The Scots and the English borrowed this word and used it to describe cliffs and mountains in their respective languages. The adjective is still used today in both North America and Britain.

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