What is another word for notched?

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Notched is a word that refers to something that has a notch or indentation in it. Some synonyms for notched include scored, incised, cut, serrated, grooved, nicked, carved, and etched. Each of these words refers to a type of indentation or groove, but they can be used in different contexts. Scored and etched are often used in reference to metal or glass, while carved and cut are more frequently used in reference to wood or stone. Serrated and grooved are often used to describe edges or surfaces of objects, while nicked and notched are more general terms that can be applied to any surface.

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What are the opposite words for notched?

The antonyms for the word "notched" are smooth, plain, and flat. Smooth refers to a surface that is even and free from roughness or bumps. Plain refers to a surface that is simple or unadorned, without any noticeable features or designs. Flat refers to a surface that is level and without any curves or angles. These words are often used to describe surfaces that are the opposite of "notched", which means having a V-shaped or angular cut or indentation in a surface. When looking for the opposite of "notched", these words can be useful in describing surfaces that are smooth, plain, or flat.

What are the antonyms for Notched?

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