What is another word for scalper?

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Scalper is a term used to describe a person who engages in the resale of tickets or other goods at a higher price than the original selling price. Predatory pricing and exorbitant fees are common practices of scalpers that cause inconvenience to consumers. There are several synonyms for the word scalper, including ticket tout, reseller, profiteer, and entrepreneur. Other terms can also describe scalpers, such as black marketers, scavengers, and middlemen. While some people see the work of scalpers as a valuable service, it's illegal in many countries and often becomes a canker to the supply chain of goods and services.

How to use "Scalper" in context?

The scalper is a type of theft that involves the person obtaining unauthorized goods or services by misrepresentation of their true financial resources. This occurs when someone is able to sell an item for a higher price than what they paid for it. By law, all ticket sales must be in compliance with the Maximum Price Restriction law. This means that no ticket can be resold at a price greater than the price advertised on the ticket.

The traditional scalper is a person who is able to purchase tickets to events at a discounted rate. The breakdown of their business model usually involves buying large quantities of tickets and then reselling them at a profit.

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