What is another word for scarcely ever?

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[ skˈe͡əsli ˈɛvə], [ skˈe‍əsli ˈɛvə], [ s_k_ˈeə_s_l_i_ ˈɛ_v_ə]

Scarcely ever is a phrase used to describe something that is extremely rare or happens very infrequently. It can be replaced by several other synonyms that convey the same meaning, such as hardly ever, rarely, seldom, almost never, and infrequently. These synonyms are useful when you want to express the idea that something happens rarely or that it is unusual. By using these synonyms, you can add variety to your writing, making it more engaging and interesting to your readers. So, if you want to convey the idea of something happening very rarely, you may consider using any of these synonyms for scarcely ever.

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Similar phrases: scarcely any

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    What are the opposite words for scarcely ever?

    Scarcely ever refers to a very rare occurrence, but there are a few antonyms that indicate a frequent or regular happening. The antonyms of scarcely ever are often, frequently, regularly, continually, and recurrently. Often means something that occurs many times or at short intervals, while frequently denotes that an event happens often or repeatedly. Regularly means something that happens on a fixed schedule or pattern, and continually signifies that something is always in motion, never stopping. Finally, recurrently means something that occurs repeatedly over time. The antonyms of scarcely ever can be used to describe something that happens more frequently than expected, and they help to add variety and contrast to writing or speech.

    What are the antonyms for Scarcely ever?

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