What is another word for very?

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The word "very" is an intensifier that is often overused in writing and speech, making it lose its impact and interest to readers and listeners. Synonyms for the word "very" can be used instead to add variety and color to your text. Some examples of synonyms for "very" are "extremely," "exceedingly," "tremendously," "immensely," "extraordinarily," "remarkably," "absolutely," "completely," "utterly," "positively," and "decidedly." These words provide a more specific meaning on the degree of emphasis you want to convey on a particular word or concept, and can make your writing more expressive and lively. So, instead of using "very" all the time, try using some of these synonyms that will give your writing a much-needed boost.

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    Synonyms for Very:

    How to use "Very" in context?

    The word "very" is one of the most versatile words in the English language. It can be used to emphasize a statement, toshow emphasis, or to suggest that something is extremely important. Here are 10 examples of how "very" can be used in everyday English:

    1. "Peter is very angry."

    2. "I'm very tired."

    3. "This soup is very spicy."

    4. "It was a very windy day."

    5. "The movie was very suspenseful."

    6. "This is the very cake that I wanted."

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