What is another word for very?

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[ v_ˈɛ_ɹ_ɪ], [ vˈɛɹɪ], [ vˈɛɹɪ]

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Rhymes for Very:

  1. scary, terry, cherry, marry, ferry, contrary, hairy, guarneri, wherry, perry, harry, vary, wary, eyrie, tarry, merry, nary, fairy, mary, clary, prairie, bury, sperry, jerry, sherry, unwary, dairy, parry;
  2. berry, airy;
  3. canary;

Quotes for Very:

  1. Acting is a very personal process. It has to do with expressing your own personality, and discovering the character you're playing through your own experience- so we're all different. Ian Mckellen.

Idioms of Very:

  1. Thank you very much.;