What is another word for scrutineer?

Pronunciation: [skɹˌuːtɪnˈi͡ə] (IPA)

A scrutinizer, also known as a scrutineer, is a person responsible for examining something carefully and in detail. Synonyms for this word include inspector, examiner, auditor, checker, monitor, assessor, reviewer, appraiser, evaluator, and surveyor. Each synonym has a slightly different connotation, but each implies a person who is diligent and meticulous in their examination of something. For example, an auditor tends to be associated with examining financial records, while a surveyor is associated with examining physical spaces. Regardless, these synonyms all refer to individuals who pay close attention to detail and are diligent in their work.

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Usage examples for Scrutineer

One scrutineer isn't enough."
"The Keeper of the Door"
Ethel M. Dell
All that depends upon the intelligence of the scrutineer.
"Shakespeare's Bones"
C. M. Ingleby

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