What is another word for auditor?

Pronunciation: [ˈɔːdɪtə] (IPA)

An auditor is typically defined as a professional who examines and evaluates financial and accounting records to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations. However, there are alternative terms that can be used to describe a person who performs this role. Some potential synonyms for the word "auditor" include examiner, inspector, reviewer, scrutinizer, monitor, assessor, and appraiser. Each of these terms carries a slightly different connotation, although they all refer to someone who is responsible for evaluating and verifying financial data. Depending on the context and industry, one of these alternative descriptors may be more appropriate or effective in communicating the role and responsibilities of the individual in question.

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Usage examples for Auditor

"Still more satisfaction had I," Field added, "in the conviction that my auditor believed every one of the preposterous yarns I told her."
"Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions"
Slason Thompson
After the very kind and choice words with which in the presence of an auditor you dismissed me, I certainly whipped up the horses in order to reach Glockenstein with all speed.
"Erlach Court"
Ossip Schubin
The monk could have desired no more attentive auditor.
"In The Fire Of The Forge, Volume 5."
Georg Ebers

Famous quotes with Auditor

  • I was talking about no nukes, the farm crisis. People said that wasn't stuff that a state auditor was supposed to be talking about. Maybe they were right.
    Paul Wellstone
  • Whether we like the idea or not, war has again and again been seen as the great auditor, the special testing time, of a nation's strength and fibre.
    Geoffrey Blainey
  • Poetry is an art form that demands heightened attention and retention. It both invites and rewards more intense involvement than we normally give to other kinds of speech. Poetic technique, therefore, is never esoteric but eminently practical. It serves at least two purposes. First, it announces that a poem differs from other kinds of speech, that it requires the audience's special attention. A poem begins by attracting our attention through its sound, shape, typography, syntax, texture, or tone. Second, the technique maintains the audience's involvement. All poetic form is a way of keeping the audience's attention beyond what ordinary language requires. Meter, for example, creates a gentle trance state in the auditor. Since poetry is more intense, condensed, and expressive than ordinary language, it needs these techniques to carry the burden of its message.
    Dana Gioia
  • Fanshawe began to talk of the weather; and his auditor was fairly astonished to find how much he had to say about it. He had all but counted the rain-drops; and he was quite aware of every gleam of sunshine that they had had since the morning.
    Letitia Elizabeth Landon
  • Of all the ills of man which can be successfully processed by Scientology, arthritis ranks near the top. In skilled hands, this ailment, though misunderstood and dreaded in the past, already has begun to become history. Twenty-five hours of Scientology by an auditor who fairly understands how to process arthritis can be said to produce an invariable alleviation of the condition. Some cases, even severe ones, have responded in as little as two hours of processing, according to reports from auditors in the field.
    L. Ron Hubbard

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