What is another word for chad?

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[ tʃ_ˈa_d], [ t͡ʃˈad], [ t‍ʃˈad]

Synonyms for Chad:

chad (noun) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Chad:

  1. lad, brad, rad, grad, fad, pad, mad, nad, clad, tad, cad, plaid, had, dad, sad, add, bad, glad, gad;
  2. riyadh;

Quotes for Chad:

  1. Everyone has a little bit of Howard and Chad in them. I think there's Christine in all men as well. Neil LaBute.
  2. Chad was in the right spot. He got a little aggressive with the third shot there. He probably didn't want that putt he had there for the par. And you don't want to put it back there where Casey and Sergio did because you have 20 feet of break there. Hal Sutton.
  3. Jim played- he had a great stretch in the middle of the round there, and Chad made that long putt on 16. Almost got that match. We ended up losing, but we almost won it, too. Hal Sutton.

Adjectives for Chad:

  • rear admiral,
  • sacred,
  • easy, clever,
  • poor awful,
  • more famous,
  • easy,
  • punched-card,
  • good old,
  • much larger,
  • same old,
  • central african.