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There are various synonyms used for the abbreviation "SGT", which stands for "Sergeant". Some of the synonyms include "non-commissioned officer" (NCO), "staff sergeant" (SSGT), "sergeant first class" (SFC), "master sergeant" (MSG), and "sergeant major" (SGM). Each of these synonyms represents a different rank within the military, and they all have distinctive responsibilities and duties. Generally, sergeants are responsible for leading and supervising small groups of soldiers and ensuring their training, welfare, and discipline. They are also expected to support commissioned officers and execute their orders effectively. It's important to know and understand the different synonyms for the word "SGT" to comprehend the varying levels of command within the military.

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    Usage examples for Sgt

    D. Cox, Q.M. SGT.
    "Brock Centenary 1812-1912"
    77 Out Of A Barracks Bag, SGT.
    "Clear Crystals"
    Clara M. Beede
    Mills, George H. Lane Jan. 5, 1864 Jan. 29, 1864 SGT.
    "The History of Company A, Second Illinois Cavalry"
    Samuel H. Fletcher

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