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Incarnate is an adjective that means in human form or embodied. Synonyms for incarnate include embodied, personified, manifested, and real. Other synonyms for incarnate include typified, exemplified, and materialized. These synonyms all convey the idea of something being fully realized or made tangible in a physical form. Incarnate is often used in a religious context to describe the embodiment of a divine being or the presence of a god in human form. However, it can also be used more broadly to describe any situation where an idea or concept is given physical form and expression.

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How to use "Incarnate" in context?

In Christianity, the word "incarnate" is used to describe a being that has taken on a physical body. This can happen in two ways: first, when God takes on a human body in order to redeem humanity; and second, when a human being is born into a body that is not their own.

The concept of incarnation is central to the Christian faith, and it is a way of understanding the relationship between God and humanity. It is also a way of understanding the relationship between humans and the divine.

Incarnate, in the Christian context, refers to a taking on of a human physical form.

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