What is another word for chieftain?

Pronunciation: [t͡ʃˈiːftən] (IPA)

The word chieftain refers to the leader of a tribe or group of people. While it is a commonly used term, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe someone with a similar role. Some of these synonyms include chief, leader, commander, headman, headwoman, tribal head, sachem, and emir. Each of these words has a similar meaning to chieftain, though some may be more commonly used in certain cultures or regions. Regardless of which synonym is used, it is clear that someone with this title is a person of great importance and influence within their community.

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Antonyms for the word "chieftain" could include commoners or peasants, as chieftains were typically leaders or rulers. Other antonyms could include followers or subordinates, as chieftains held positions of authority over others. Additionally, words like serf or slave could be considered antonyms, as they represent individuals who were under the control of another person or group. Finally, words like pacifist or peacemaker could be seen as antonyms, as chieftains were often associated with conflict and war. Overall, the antonyms for chieftain focus on individuals who lack power, authority, or a desire for violence.

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Usage examples for Chieftain

After dinner we smoked the pipe of peace and friendship, then bade adieu to the chieftain and rode back to our camp.
"Memoirs of Orange Jacobs"
Orange Jacobs
The bow has fallen from the nerveless grasp of the generous chieftain.
"Memoirs of Orange Jacobs"
Orange Jacobs
Many who witnessed this strange performance supposed that the old chieftain had received a mortal shot, but he had escaped without a scratch.
"Memoirs of Orange Jacobs"
Orange Jacobs

Famous quotes with Chieftain

  • Thus the castle of each feudal chieftain became a school of chivalry, into which any noble youth, whose parents were from poverty unable to educate him to the art of war, was readily received.
    Horatio Alger
  • Man is made to adore and to obey: but if you will not command him, if you give him nothing to worship, he will fashion his own divinities, and find a chieftain in his own passions.
    Benjamin Disraeli
  • Eventually, the tribe developed so much confidence in me that they invited me to be their chieftain.
    Roland Joffe
  • The tribal ceremonies of birth, initiation, marriage, burial, installation, and so forth, serve to translate the individual’s life-crises and life-deeds into classic, impersonal forms. They disclose him to himself, not as this personality or that, but as the warrior, the bride, the widow, the priest, the chieftain; at the same time rehearsing for the rest of the community the old lesson of the archetypal stages.
    Joseph Campbell
  • A louder sweep the music gave : The chieftain of the charmed wave, Graceful upon his steed of snow, Rises from his blue halls below ; And rode he like a victor-knight Thrice glorious in his arms of light.
    Letitia Elizabeth Landon

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