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Secondary is a term that refers to something that is of lesser importance or comes after something else. There are several synonyms for the word secondary, including subordinate, tangential, auxiliary, incidental, supplementary, and additional. The term subordinate refers to something that is of a lower rank or position than something else. Tangential means something that is only slightly related or connected to the main topic. Auxiliary is used to describe something that provides support or assistance to the main thing. Incidental refers to something that is unimportant, and supplementary means something that is added or given a complementary role. Finally, additional denotes something that is added on beyond the primary thing.

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Primary is an antonym for the word "secondary." Primary refers to something that is first in importance or order, whereas secondary indicates something that is second in importance. Another antonym for secondary could be main or principal, which signifies the most important aspect of something. However, on the contrary, secondary represents something of less importance or significance. Additionally, another antonym of secondary is primary, suggesting that a particular element or thing is the most important or primary in a given context. Therefore, while secondary denotes something less important, its antonyms like primary, main, or principal indicate utmost significance.

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Usage examples for Secondary

Quickly, he told Spaulding what the situation was as he had been able to piece it together from Rafe's secondary thoughts.
"The Foreign Hand Tie"
Gordon Randall Garrett
Name the secondary formations.
James Geikie
He overloads with analysis secondary points of his argument which are clear enough without it, and he assumes without analysis primary positions which it is most essential for him to make plain.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae

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