What is another word for slurred?

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[ slˈɜːd], [ slˈɜːd], [ s_l_ˈɜː_d]

Slurred is a word that implies a muddled or unclear way of speaking. Some synonyms for slurred can include the word garbled, which might describe speech that is difficult to understand or decipher. Other synonyms for slurred include the words mumbling, muttering, and babbling, which suggest a general lack of clarity or coherence in speech. Additionally, slurred can be used to describe speech that is muffled or indistinct, which might suggest the need for clearer enunciation or articulation. These different synonyms for the word slurred all describe a similar concept, but each one emphasizes a slightly different aspect of unclear speech.

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    How to use "Slurred" in context?

    Words have power. They can make us laugh, feel nostalgic, or cry. Words can even make us angry. But what happens when words don't work right? When they're not pronounced right or when they're slurred? That's when words can become dangerous.

    When words are slurred, it can make it hard for people to understand what someone is saying. This can lead to dangerous situations where people don't know what to do. It can also lead to people being misunderstand.

    There are a few things that can cause slurred speech. One common cause is alcohol.

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