What is another word for dappled?

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[ dˈapə͡ld], [ dˈapə‍ld], [ d_ˈa_p_əl_d]

Dappled is a descriptive term that refers to an object or animal that has spots or patches of different colors scattered across its surface. Alternatively, you can use the synonyms "spotted," "speckled," "flecked," "mottled," or "variegated" to convey the same meaning. Speckled is commonly used to describe eggs or birds with small or numerous spots. Flecked is a good alternative if the spots are small or irregularly shaped. Mottled connotes a more uneven distribution of colors and is often used to describe a surface with multiple, overlapping patches of color. Variegated refers to any object with multiple colors, but it doesn't necessarily mean spots or patches.

Synonyms for Dappled:

How to use "Dappled" in context?

Dappled is a word meaning having a variegated or patchy appearance. Dappled can also refer to something that is shady or shady in nature. Examples of things that can be described as dappled include a deer's coat, a leaf's surface, or the light shining through leaves on a tree.

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