What is another word for compact?

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[ k_ə_m_p_ˈa_k_t], [ kəmpˈakt], [ kəmpˈakt]

Synonyms for Compact:

concise (adjective) dense (adjective) little (adjective) short (adjective) small (adjective) agreement (noun) promise (noun) contract (verb) decrease (verb) diminish (verb) shorten (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Compact:

  1. packed, racked, pact, extract, protract, jacked, stacked, smacked, react, intact, impact, subtract, retract, tract, sacked, cracked, hacked, distract, whacked, backed, transact, tact, redact, enact, fact, exact, tracked, tacked, act, diffract, lacked;
  2. attract, abstract, contract, detract, attacked;
  3. interact, subcompact, reenact, inexact;
  4. counterattacked;

Quotes for Compact:

  1. In liberal democracy and anxious anarchy, the traditional classic dance, compact of aristocratic authority and absolute freedom in a necessity of order, has never been so promising as an independent expression as it is today. Lincoln Kirstein.
  2. The team is completely close. Anything you say outside, there is no chance it will go inside. So the team is really strong and compact We know what we want and how to achieve it on the pitch. Jose Mourinho.
  3. If conquest does not bind posterity, so neither can compact bind it. Charlotte Smith.

Adjectives for Compact:

  • valid,
  • illegitimate national,
  • greedy, self-seeking,
  • unlawful and clandestine,
  • most worshipful,
  • whole national,
  • unlawful,
  • greedy,
  • wicked old,
  • clandestine national,
  • bogus national,
  • present national,
  • spurious national,
  • whole damn.