What is another word for spring tide?

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Spring tide synonyms include the terms: king tide, perigean tide, perihelion tide, highest tide, and extra high tide. These phrases describe the tidal phenomenon that occurs when the sun and moon are aligned and exert a greater gravitational pull on the Earth's oceans, resulting in higher tides. Spring tides typically occur twice a month, during the full moon and new moon phases. The opposite of spring tide is neap tide, which occurs when the sun and moon are at right angles to each other and exert a weaker gravitational pull. Understanding the concepts of spring and neap tides is essential for anyone who lives in coastal areas or engages in activities such as boating or fishing.

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Definition: "a periodic tidal phenomenon during which the tidal range is unusually large and the tidal currents are correspondingly swift"

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What are the opposite words for spring tide?

Spring tide is a term used to describe the highest tide that occurs during the new moon or full moon. However, its antonyms could be neap tide. Neap tide refers to the tide with minimum difference between high and low water levels that occurs during the first and third quarters of the moon. Another antonym for spring tide could be low-tide, which indicates the lowest level of water that occurs during ebb tide. Similarly, the opposite of the spring tide could also be the ebb tide, which is the movement of the tide out to sea. Overall, spring tide's antonyms are neap tide, low-tide, and ebb tide.

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