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The word "backwash" refers to the water that flows back towards the source after hitting a barrier or obstruction. It may also refer to the negative effects or consequences that follow an action or decision. Some synonyms for this word are repercussions, aftereffects, side effects, aftermath and consequences. These words suggest a negative outcome that is not immediately apparent and may have far-reaching effects. Other words that can be used synonymously with "backwash" are reaction, backlash, and ripple effect. These synonyms highlight the fact that everything we do has consequences that may not be apparent at the time.

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Backwash is wastewater discharged from a wastewater treatment plant after the wastewater has been treated and is no longer being cleaned by the wastewater treatment process. Backwash contains significant amounts of solids and organic matter that have been removed from the wastewater during treatment and must be disposed of properly in order to protect public health.

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