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Fullness is a state of being completely filled or satisfied. There are many synonyms for the word fullness, including plenitude, completeness, entirety, wholeness, abundance, saturation, totality, sufficiency, and repletion. Plenitude refers to a fullness or abundance of something. Completeness suggests that nothing is missing. Entirety implies that something is complete without any parts missing. Wholeness indicates that something is complete and integrated. Abundance is similar to plenitude and suggests an overflowing amount. Saturation describes something that is completely soaked or filled. Totality means completeness in entirety. Sufficiency suggests that there is a sufficient amount of something. Repletion is a state of being completely filled to the point of overflowing.

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How to use "Fullness" in context?

The word "fullness" has many different meanings. One of the most basic meanings is that something is full or busy. Something that is full of food, for example, is likely to make you full. Something that is full of energy is also likely to make you full.

Fullness can also refer to the amount of something that is enough. For example, you might say that the food is full of flavor or that the drink was full of ice. Finally, fullness can also refer to a sense of satisfaction or contentment. When you are full, you feel satisfied and content.

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