What is another word for ebb?

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Some synonyms for the word "ebb" can include "recede," "withdraw," "subside," or "diminish." "Recede" implies a gradual movement away from a point or position, while "withdraw" refers to a deliberate removal or departure. "Subside" suggests a decrease in intensity or force, and "diminish" implies a reduction in size or strength. Other synonyms for "ebb" could include "waning," "decline," "ebb and flow," or "recession." The word "ebb" itself has a variety of meanings, ranging from the receding of the tide to a decline in strength or prosperity, so its synonyms can also have a range of connotations and applications.

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    Ebb is a tidal current of the ocean, a secondary flow that reverses direction and flows back out to the sea after leaving a tidepool, bay or estuary. Ebb tide is the low tide, and flow is the high tide. Ebb tide usually begins and ends at the outermost line of the bay or estuary, while flow tide starts and ends at the innermost line. Ebb tide can also be a mix of low and high tide. The name ebb comes from the Old English word ebbe, meaning to flow away or diminish in quantity.

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