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Statue is a beautiful display of art that has been prevalent for centuries. However, there are several different words that are synonymous with a statue to describe an art piece. One word that is commonly used is sculpture, which refers to a three-dimensional art piece that can be made out of various materials. Another word that can replace statue is figurine, which is a small statue or ornament that is often used as decoration. Obelisk can also be used to describe a tall, narrow statue with a pointed top. Finally, a monument can refer to a statue or structure that is built to commemorate an event or person.

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    One of the most distinguishing features of any statue is its height. Statues that are taller than others are more visible and often more revered. Often, statues are made taller to convey a message or to honor a particular person. As statues often represent an idea or ideal, some of the most famous and celebrated statues are those that represent gods or goddesses. Statues often take on an iconic form and are recognizable by the general public.

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