What is another word for coordinates?

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The term "coordinates" refers to the set of numbers that identify a particular point in space, on a map or a graph. There are several synonyms for coordinates that can be used interchangeably, depending on the context or the type of coordinates being referred to. Some of these synonyms include location, position, latitude and longitude, x-y coordinates, map references, grid coordinates, cartography, geocoding, and geolocation. Each of these terms is used to specify and identify a specific location, whether on a map or in a digital space, and are vital in navigating, locating, and measuring distances between different points.

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    The coordinates are simply the location of a point in space. They are measured in degrees latitude and longitude, and can be written as x, y, and z. There are three types of coordinates: coordinates on a plane, Cartesian coordinates, and general coordinates.

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