What is another word for sculpture?

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Sculpture is a form of artistic expression that involves creating three-dimensional artwork using various materials such as stone, metal, wood, and clay, and often involves carving, molding or casting. There are many synonyms for sculpture, including statuary, carving, modeling, casting, and figure-making. Other terms such as relief, bust, effigy, and monument are also used to describe different types of sculptures. Each of these terms conveys a different sense of the artwork and its purpose, whether it be to depict a person or event, or to evoke a particular emotion or concept. Whatever the form or style, sculpture remains an enduring form of artistic expression that allows us to capture the beauty of the world around us in tangible form.

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How to use "Sculpture" in context?

Sculpture is an art form that uses the human body as a medium. It can be defined in many different ways, but at its core, sculpture is all about creating physical objects from raw materials. Sculptors use a range of techniques to create their pieces, from carving stone to working with clay and other materials.

Sculpture is often associated with a certain type of art, such as classical or modern. But there is no set way to create a sculpture, and the medium can be used to celebrate a wide range of themes and emotions.

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