What is another word for statutes?

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Statutes refer to the official and written laws of a nation or state. Some synonyms that can be used alternatively for "statutes" include legislation, laws, rules, regulations, statutes law, and legal code. These words suggest provisions and rules that are implemented by the government to regulate and govern certain activities or behaviors in the community. Statutes are based on legal precedents established in judicial cases, and they are enforced by the judicial system. They often define the rights and responsibilities of citizens, including criminal and civil actions. Other synonyms for statutes include ordinances, edicts, acts, bills, and decrees, all of which are essential components of the legal system of a country or government.

How to use "Statutes" in context?

The word "statute" is derived from the Latin word "statutum," which means a decree or law. statutes are laws or decrees passed by a legislature. Statutes can be either primary or secondary. Primary statutes are enacted directly by a legislature, while secondary statutes are enacted by the appropriate authority after primary statutes have been passed. Statutes can be divided into two categories based on the source of their authority: constitutional and statutory. Constitutional statutes are enacted pursuant to the Constitution of the United States or a state constitution. Statutory statutes are enacted by a legislature based on laws passed by the Congress or a state legislature.

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