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When we want to express a strict rebuke or command, we often use the word "sternly". However, there are several synonyms that can be used to convey a similar tone and attitude. One such word is "harshly", which implies a severity and sharpness in tone. "Firmly" is another option, indicating a strong level of insistence or demand. "Austere" is also a synonym, suggesting a sternness that is tempered by seriousness and lack of ornamentation. Other synonyms for "sternly" include "severely", "rigorously", "strictly", and "authoritatively". All of these words share the characteristic of conveying a no-nonsense approach to communication, but each brings its own nuance and shade of meaning.

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How to use "Sternly" in context?

Some verbs describe an act or attitude that is decidedly harsh or unpleasant. These include sternly, furiously, and bitingly. These verbs typically imply that the person who is using them is upset or angry, and that what they are doing is disruptive or unpleasant.

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