What is another word for benevolently?

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[ bənˈɛvələntli], [ bənˈɛvələntli], [ b_ə_n_ˈɛ_v_ə_l_ə_n_t_l_i]

Benevolently is a commonly used word to describe a person's kind, generous and helpful nature. However, sometimes using the same word repeatedly can make your writing feel monotonous. Therefore, it's essential to uncover its synonyms to add more depth to your writing. Synonyms for benevolently could be altruistically, amicably, charitably, cordially, friendlily, generously, graciously, kindheartedly, kindly, and magnanimously. All these words indicate a sense of kindness and goodwill towards others. They enable you to convey the same positive tone and sentiment effectively while avoiding repetition. Hence, next time you're writing, and benevolently seems too repetitive, consider including these synonyms to enhance your writing.

Synonyms for Benevolently:

How to use "Benevolently" in context?

The word "benevolently" has several meanings. In general, benevolently means that one has goodwill or a good intention. For example, when someone says they are benevolently thinking of you, they are most likely implying that they want the best for you. Another meaning of benevolently is being kindly and considerate. For example, if someone says they are benevolently going to help carry your groceries, they are likely going to be very gentle with you when carrying them.

A third and perhaps the most common meaning of benevolently is in relation to actions.

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