What is another word for stimulatingly?

Pronunciation: [stˈɪmjʊlˌe͡ɪtɪŋli] (IPA)

Stimulatingly is an adverb that means something that inspires or excites. Synonyms for stimulatingly include excitingly, invigoratingly, arousingly, and inspiringly. Additionally, the word can be substituted with phrases such as "sparklingly brilliant," "energizingly potent," and "positively galvanizing." Some other words that convey a similar meaning to stimulate are ignite, enliven, and electrify. When writing about an experience or event that sparks inspiration or curiosity, some good alternatives to stimulatingly are motivatingly, thought-provokingly, or mind-bogglingly. These synonyms offer a variety of options to use in writing to express the excitement and inspiration that motivates an individual to act or pursue an interest.

Usage examples for Stimulatingly

And thus it reacts stimulatingly on that which gave it birth, as the vitality of children reacts stimulatingly on the vitality of parents.
"The Feast of St. Friend"
Arnold Bennett
No other writer that I recall has set forth the Gospel of Walking so eloquently and so stimulatingly.
"The Last Harvest"
John Burroughs

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