What is another word for stuck on?

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[ stˈʌk ˈɒn], [ stˈʌk ˈɒn], [ s_t_ˈʌ_k ˈɒ_n]

There are numerous synonyms that can be used instead of the phrase "stuck on." Some of the most common ones include "fixated," "obsessed," "addicted," and "attached." "Fixated" implies a strong interest or preoccupation with something, while "obsessed" connotes an unhealthy or overwhelming focus on a particular subject. "Addicted" suggests a compulsion or dependency on something, while "attached" implies a strong emotional connection or dependence. Other synonyms that can be used in place of "stuck on" include "captivated," "entrenched," "firmly attached," and "riveted." Choosing the right synonym depends on the context and the intended meaning.


  • What are some ways to get unstuck when writing an essay? what are some ways to get unstuck when writing an essay? -take a break for a short amount of time and come back to the essay later -change the order of your ideas -find a more detailed essay online and use that as a template?

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    When we find ourselves in a situation where we can't seem to move forward, or we're stuck, it can feel like the world is against us. But here's the good news: even when we're stuck, we can still make progress. Here are four steps to help get yourself moving again:

    1. Define your goal

    Before anything else, it's important to determine what you want to achieve. If you're stuck on a project, for example, figure out what it is you need to do in order to finish. This will help to center you and give you a clear goal to strive for.

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