What is another word for unfaithful?

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Unfaithful is an adjective that describes someone who is disloyal, unreliable or deceitful. Synonyms for the word unfaithful include a range of terms to describe someone who is not faithful or loyal, such as faithless, disloyal, untrustworthy, treacherous, unreliable, false, undependable, deceitful, perfidious, insincere or deceptive. The word unfaithful is often used in reference to infidelity in relationships, but can also be applied to other areas where someone has broken a promise or trust. No matter the context, unfaithful is a negative descriptor that suggests a lack of integrity and dependability, qualities that are highly valued in personal and professional relationships.

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How to use "Unfaithful" in context?

One definition of unfaithful is "characterized by betrayal or abandonment of trust." A person can be unfaithful in their relationships with others, with themselves, or with a particular belief. The root of unfaithfulness is often insecurity, something that can be diagnosed in many partners.

Unfaithfulness often occurs in times of feels uncertain and unstable. It often results from a fear of being alone and feeling unprotected. To a person who feels this way, their partner's fidelity seems like a reassurance that they're loved. Insecure people often feel that if they break their vows, their partner will leave them.

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