What is another word for despise?

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Despise is a strong word that conveys an extreme level of dislike or hatred towards someone or something. Synonyms for the word despise include detest, loathe, abhor, hate, revile, scorn, and repudiate. These words express an intense feeling of dislike for something that is considered highly objectionable or offensive. Other synonyms for despise include disdain, contempt, and disregard, which imply a strong feeling of disrespect towards someone or something. These words can be used to describe emotions felt towards a person, an idea, or an object. All of these synonyms emphasize strong negative emotions and the rejection of something or someone.

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    How to use "Despise" in context?

    There are various meanings to the word "despise." In its most basic sense, to despise means to have a strong dislike for someone or something. Often, this dislike can be based on personal qualities that are seen as negative. For instance, you might despise someone who is lazy and unwilling towork hard.

    On a more general level, contempt can also be used to describe feelings of dislike. For example, you might Despise your competitor's tactics after they've outmaneuvered you once too often. As with the more basic sense of despise, there is often a kernel of truth to the contempt sentiment.

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