What is another word for negligent?

Pronunciation: [nˈɛɡlɪd͡ʒənt] (IPA)

Negligent is a word that is used to describe the act of being careless or neglectful. In order to convey the same meaning, you can also use words like "careless", "inattentive", "indifferent", "unconcerned", "thoughtless" and "irresponsible". Each of these words has their own unique nuance when it comes to describing a person's behavior. While careless and inattentive have a hint of unintentionality, indifferent and unconcerned have a more passive connotation. On the other hand, thoughtless and irresponsible suggest a certain degree of recklessness. Using synonyms for negligent in your writing can help you convey your message effectively and add variety to your vocabulary.

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What are the hypernyms for Negligent?

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What are the opposite words for negligent?

Negligent means being careless or failing to take proper care of something. Antonyms for negligent include diligent, attentive, careful, conscientious, and meticulous. Diligent refers to being persistent and hardworking, while attentive means paying close attention to something. Careful implies being cautious and considerate, while conscientious means being thorough and precise. Meticulous, on the other hand, indicates being extremely detailed and meticulous in one's work. Together, these antonyms indicate the opposite of negligence, which is careful and thorough attention to detail and the willingness to take responsibility for one's actions or tasks.

What are the antonyms for Negligent?

Usage examples for Negligent

But to compare the best work of both is to recognise a difference in kind as well as degree: the essential difference between even negligent genius and the most elaborate talent.
Beatrice Fortescue
His greeting of McNab was as lukewarm, negligent and friendly as it always was.
"The Pioneers"
Katharine Susannah Prichard
He was acting his part of the big brother no different than he always had since Kumpee was continually negligent in performing the role.
"Corpus of a Siam Mosquito"
Steven Sills

Famous quotes with Negligent

  • Celerity is never more admired than by the negligent.
  • Not that the sons and grandsons of the vanquished at Cannae and Zama had so utterly degenerated from their fathers and grandfathers; the difference was not so much in the men who now sat in the Senate as in the times. Where a limited number of old families of established wealth and hereditary political importance conducts the government, it will display in seasons of danger an incomparable tenacity of purpose and power of heroic self-sacrifice, just as in seasons of tranquility it will be short-sighted, selfish, and negligent; the germs of both results are essentially involved in its hereditary and collegiate character. The morbid matter had been long in existence, but it needed the sun of prosperity to develop it.In internal affairs they were, if possible, still more disposed to let the ship drive before the wind: if we understand by internal government more than the transaction of current business, there was at this period no government in Rome at all.
    Theodor Mommsen
  • For your behaviour, let it be free and negligent, not clogged with ceremony or observance; give no man honour, but upon equal terms; for look how much thou giv'st any man above that, so much thou tak'st from thyself.
    George Chapman
  • Now, as in the Latin and other languages, a yawning fellow is synonymous or equivalent to a negligent and sluggish fellow; this idle custom ought certainly to be avoided; being (as was observed) disagreeable to the sight, offensive to the ear, and contrary also to that natural claim, which every one has to respect. For when we indulge ourselves in this listless behaviour, we not only intimate, that the company we are in, does not greatly please us; but also make a discovery, not very advantageous to ourselves; I mean, that we are of a drowsy, lethargic disposition: which must render us by no means amiable or pleasing, to those with whom we converse.
    Giovanni della Casa
  • The love of esteem is the life and soul of society; it unites us to one another : I want your approbation, you stand in need of mine. By forsaking the converse of men, we forsake the virtues necessary for society; for when one is alone, one is apt to grow negligent; the world forces you to have a guard over yourself. (p. 155).
    Anne-Thérèse de Marguenat de Courcelles

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