What is another word for stumbling?

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Stumbling is a word that usually refers to loss of balance or tripping. Some possible synonyms include: faltering, limping, tripping over, staggering, tottering, wobbling, tumbling, fumbling, bungling, flubbing, failing, hesitating, or getting stuck. Stumbling can also mean making a mistake or having difficulty in speech or thought, in which case synonyms might include: floundering, mumbling, stuttering, stammering, groping, searching, hesitating, or struggling. Conversely, if we think of stumbling as a way of discovering new things or making progress despite obstacles, we might use words like: exploring, pioneering, innovating, experimenting, trying new things, taking risks, persevering, or overcoming barriers. Ultimately, the choice of synonym may depend on the context and intended meaning of the original word.

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    Synonyms for Stumbling:

    How to use "Stumbling" in context?

    careless mistake that often results in embarrassment or humiliation

    often results in pain or a fall

    commonly refers to something (a person, an object, or a thought) that is unintentional

    can often be a sign of incompetence or poor judgement

    often leads to embarrassment, frustration, or regret

    occurs when someone trips on a crack in the sidewalk, or when they are carrying something heavy and don't see the obstacle in front of them

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