What is another word for Stalled?

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Stalled is a term often used to describe something that has come to a halt or has stopped progressing. However, there are numerous synonyms available that can beautifully replace the word 'stalled' in a text or conversation. Some of these synonyms include 'delayed,' 'paused,' 'halted,' 'blocked,' 'interrupted,' 'suspended,' 'frozen,' 'static,' and 'stymied.' Each word can be utilized depending on the context, and can help express the lack of progress in different ways. For instance, 'delayed' can refer to something temporarily postponed, while 'blocked' denotes something not moving forward due to obstacles in its way. These synonyms offer a range of words that can add depth and variety to writing and make any message more impactful and engaging.

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    When Caroline begins her new job, she imagined a fast-paced, energetic workplace where she could learn and grow. However, what she soon discovers is that her new office is anything but. There is a constant foul smell, the walls are so thin she can hear her coworkers tapping their keyboards from across the room, and there is barely enough space to move around. In an effort to make her work life more tolerable, Caroline begins to slowly STAND UP for herself, but it's to no avail. her department is constantly understaffed and she's constantly being passed over for promotions.

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