What is another word for Defaulting?

Pronunciation: [dɪfˈɒltɪŋ] (IPA)

Defaulting refers to the failure to meet an obligation or commitment in a timely manner. Some synonyms for defaulting include: failing, falling short, default, non-payment, neglecting, and delinquency. Failing refers to not meeting expectations or obligations. Falling short refers to not reaching a certain standard or expectation. Default refers to not meeting a financial obligation or not fulfilling a legal requirement. Non-payment refers to not paying a debt or bill. Neglecting refers to not giving proper care or attention to a matter. Delinquency refers to not fulfilling a legal or moral obligation, and it is commonly associated with juvenile offenders. These synonyms express the different nuances and contexts of defaulting.

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Usage examples for Defaulting

And in the fleeing refugees frenzied with terror, they recognised the treacherous and Defaulting Swazis.
"The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
Bertram Mitford
Quite unexpectedly the farmer has received a check from Nathan Lawrence, the Defaulting cashier of the Benton bank, for a thousand dollars, with assurance that in time the entire three thousand dollars will be paid up.
"Andy Grant's Pluck"
Horatio Alger
So, what with assisting Helen with the work of her homestead, and searching for his Defaulting brother, Bill's day was an anxious one.
"The Law-Breakers"
Ridgwell Cullum

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