What is another word for Hampering?

Pronunciation: [hˈampəɹɪŋ] (IPA)

Hampering is a word that means to hinder or obstruct the progress of something or someone. There are many synonyms for hampering that can be used to convey the same meaning. One such word is impeding, which means to block or obstruct progress. Another synonym is obstructing, which means to hinder or prevent movement in some way. Hindering is another synonym that means to slow down or impede progress. Another synonym for hampering is frustrating, which means to cause difficulty and annoyance. Finally, interfering is another synonym that means to disrupt or interrupt a process or activity. All of these synonyms can be used to describe the act of hampering someone or something's progress.

Synonyms for Hampering:

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Usage examples for Hampering

The Hampering of enemy intelligence activities is a related consideration.
"Sound Military Decision"
U.s. Naval War College
All this Hampering of railroads, destruction of timber and wheat, is an aid to Germany in the war.
"The Desert of Wheat"
Zane Grey
Next moment the question was answered by a crash, as the table was overturned, and there rose, struggling with the Hampering folds of its cover, the irate form of Mr. Thomas Sparrow.
"A Poached Peerage"
William Magnay

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