What is another word for sultry?

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[ sˈʌltɹi], [ sˈʌltɹi], [ s_ˈʌ_l_t_ɹ_i]

Sultry is a term that is used to describe a hot, humid or oppressive atmosphere. It is often used to describe weather conditions that are humid, heavy and oppressive, making it difficult to breathe. Some synonyms for the word sultry include sweltering which also means hot and humid, sticky which means humid and muggy, and oppressive which means suffocating and heavy. Other synonyms for sultry include steamy, stifling, close, and stuffy. These words are commonly used in weather forecasts or reports to describe the physical characteristics of the atmosphere and how it affects a person's comfort level.

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    The sun was beating down mercilessly, baking the ground and leaving a restless heat in its wake. The humidity was suffocating, and the only relief the air offered was the occasional passing breeze. This was not the ideal weather to be outside, but it was the perfect temperature for a passionate affair.

    The sun was also the perfect canvas for someone's pale skin, as it highlighted every curve and contour. Their hair was loose and wild, catching in the breeze as they gracefully danced across the lawn.

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